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Exfoliating African bath sponge, African black soap (paste), and luxurious soft hand towel unique gift.




African black soap in a beautiful handmade coconut shell container, with our exfoliating African bath sponge and soft hand towel to make that one in a million gift set. Simple, elegant yet classy.

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Gift Set, With Gift Wrap

9 reviews for Exfoliating African bath sponge, African black soap (paste), and luxurious soft hand towel unique gift.

  1. Gabrielle

    bought another one for my sis cause it works so well. thanks for the african soap too. i’ll buy a new net from you every year

  2. Seth Boyd

    When I originally looked into getting one of these, I was concerned that the transition from using loofas would be too much. Fortunately, this listing includes great tips, the product is easy to use and great quality, and things couldn’t be going better! I got this in green, and the colour did not bleed. Would highly recommend!!

  3. kayladawkins15

    I love it Thank you❤️

  4. Amanda

    Love, love, love. Would buy it again. Showed up really fast.

  5. gs

    OMG! Not only did this item come almost four days early, but it’s incredible. I seriously feel a difference in my skin, especially my back, in only a few days—one of the best purchases I’ve made.

  6. Makayla

    I absolutely love it!

  7. Gaby Barrera

    I’ve tried so many cloths to relieve my itchy and sensitive skin. All of them either molded quickly, didn’t bubble up easily, or were really scratchy to use. Let me tell you, after using this a couple of times, it has never made me feel itchy and i finally felt good in my skin. I feel so smooth and nothing makes me feel ugh. It worked so well and I barely used soap!! 😫😫Plus.. it hit the hard to reach places and it saves so much time. I was so excited for it and I’m so thankful it came before it was expected.. Thank you for selling this at a low price it was so worth it.

  8. Ebony Pitts

    I can’t believe I’ve gone all of my life not knowing about this miracle for my skin! Shipping was swift and I absolutely love the product!

  9. sumrus2002

    I used it for the first time the night it came and my skin was soo smooth after using it. The lather is also crazy good compared to a washcloth which is what I normally used.

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