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Exfoliating African Bath Sponge and African Black Soap


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Sponge dimension is 50inches in length when stretched.
Sponge color may vary from images.

Soap comes in unscented, lemon or aloe vera. Send a note to seller if you have a preference for soap scent and/or color of sponge. We’ll try to fulfil with what we have in stock.

This African bath nylon sponge is a game changer. You’ll never look at taking a shower the same way again. It cleans, exfoliates and you’ll fall in love with your skin all over again.

Dimensions in this listing are in inches when fully extended or stretched out lengthwise.
Some color my bleed upon first use.

Wet before use
Hang to dry after each use

Use with our African black soap

Ingredients: plantain skin, coconut oil, palm kernel oil, palm oil and Shea butter
Great refill option for your coconut shell container.


1. It Helps In Soothing Irritated Skin

African black soap can calm down your skin – whether it is excessively dry or you have eczema and other skin allergies. It helps in clearing and soothing rashes and itching.

2. It Has Antibacterial Properties

African black soap contains phytochemicals and oils derived from plants. These components are rich in flavonoids, alkaloids, and other bioactive compounds that can fight bacterial infections and prevent further infection.

3. It’s Safe To Use For All Skin Types

Usually, synthetic soaps contain a lot of chemicals and artificial fragrances that destroy the acid mantle of your skin and cause issues. African black soap contains plant products and is fragrance-free. This soap is extremely gentle and helps in balancing your skin’s pH without stripping it of moisture.

4. It Is A Great Natural Moisturizer For The Skin

As African black soap contains a concoction of various oils, along with shea butter, it is incredibly hydrating and beneficial for dry and combination skin types. The butter and oils enrich the skin, lock in moisture, and keep it plump and hydrated.

5. It Cleanses And Exfoliates The Skin Thoroughly

African black soap is rich in vitamin E and other emollients. It exfoliates your skin gently, getting rid of all the dirt and dead skin cells, and prevents signs of aging. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and does not irritate your skin. It can be used for washing your hair as well. This soap has antiseptic properties that can soothe an itchy scalp.

6. It Fights Acne

African black soap is a boon for oily-skinned people and those who are prone to acne. It balances the natural oil of your skin and doesn’t let excess sebum clog your skin pores. It is very effective in controlling the proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that cause acne.

7. It Prevents Razor Bumps

After you have waxed or shaved, your skin needs proper exfoliation to prevent the dead skin cells from clogging the pores and causing razor bumps. Using African black soap can help in preventing the bumps and infections that result from shaving and waxing your skin.

8. It Helps In Reducing Hyperpigmentation

Sun damage caused by excessive exposure to UV rays can leave ugly marks and dark spots on your skin (called hyperpigmentation). African black soap contains shea butter that protects your skin from sun damage and minimizes dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

9. It Has Antifungal Properties

African black soap is a strong antifungal agent. It is very effective against several types of fungus, including Candida albicans (a type of yeast) that causes athlete’s foot, jock itch, and other skin infections.

10 It May Help Reduce Fine Lines

A survey involving a hundred subjects who use African black soap found that about 4% of them use it for fine lines and all of them were satisfied with the results.

How To Use African Black Soap

Different skin types react differently to African black soap. Some manufacturers also add aloe vera and oatmeal to it to maximize its effects. The soap may also vary from batch to batch as the proportion of the ingredients keep varying (depending on the recipe that’s used). Here’s how you can cleanse with African black soap:

If you are using raw African black soap:

Take the soap and knead it into small balls. Make sure there aren’t any rough edges. Rub it between your palms into a lather and then apply it to your face. If you are applying the soap directly to your face, be gentle.

If you want to make your own body wash with it:

Soak the soap in purified water. Let it dissolve and liquefy. Use it as your body wash.

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10 reviews for Exfoliating African Bath Sponge and African Black Soap

  1. Darice Sasnett

    Expectations met and luxurious soap!

  2. Cheryl Robertson

    Just what I needed!!! Love…love…love~

  3. HuffleBratt

    Seller was very nice! Accidentally used the wrong card and they quickly helped me out and refunded me so I could repurchase. Texture of the sponge is really good and the ends look like they will hold up real well and not fall apart quickly. The lemon scent of the soap is subtle but nice! The seller was even able to accommodate the colors I had wished for! Definitely will revisit this shop in the future!!

  4. glass10

    I am so happy with this purchase. It arrived so quickly from MD and so beautifully packaged. I will definitely be ordering from you again in the near future. The lemon black soap smells so good!

  5. Ashley

    Arrived quickly and I love the soap and the way my skin feels 😍. Will be purchasing again.

  6. Jude

    I am absolutely in love! I will never use anything but a net. My skin feel throughly cleansed and exfoliated. My skin is so soft! The soap is the real deal. This shop will be my new go to 💛

  7. mz0monique

    I can’t believe how quickly my package arrived! I did receive two of the same color sponges, but it wasn’t a big deal. I plan on ordering more so my husband and I can have different colors from each other. The seller was very nice, and answered any questions I had before placing my order. Definitely recommend!

  8. Theresa R

    I cannot believe how quickly I got my order! Not only that but I am in love with my sponge. My skin feels so soft right out of the shower. I’ve only used the soap a couple of times but I do feel nice and clean afterwards. I will be back for more!

  9. lizplease1

    These are awesome, I bought them to replace those fluffy net ones that just end up in a landfill every few months when they need to be replaced. Love that these are washable. The soap is great, too.

  10. Cristina P

    Thank you for the high quality products

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